Sega Sammy Stock Up 5% After Lost World Blitz

Sega Sammy Stock Up 5% After Lost World Blitz

by May 29, 2013

New Sonic Helps Investor Confidence

Domestic stock in Sega Sammy Holdings, the parent company of Sega, enjoyed a very positive day in trading Wednesday where much of the rest of Wall Street saw losses.

SGAMY shot up 5.04 percent today to break back above the $6 a share level and rest at $6.17 a share.  It’s likely the stock was helped by news of Sonic Lost World, albeit perhaps via delayed response.  With the game actually being revealed yesterday via IGN, Japanese stocks were the first to react, and on that side of the Pacific, Sega Sammy stocks shot up more than six and a third percent Wednesday.  That boost no doubt helped fuel the domestic surge, and today’s additional official releases from Sega kept things stable.

Domestically, Sega Sammy stock is now up 40 percent the past year.  On the flip side, Nintendo stocks were down more than one percent in trading today.