English PSO2 in Development…for SE Asia

English PSO2 in Development…for SE Asia

by June 3, 2013

If it’s Translated, Why Hasn’t it Come West Yet?

This will surely add fuel to that fermenting fire surrounding Sega’s treatment of westerners we reported on last week in the context of Phantasy Star Online 2–it turns out a version of the game, in English, is being planned for markets nowhere near the fans most vocal about it.

According to a Gamespot UK report, Sega has contracted out Thailand based Asiasoft to release PSO2 in southeast Asia.  The company conducts online game business in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Singapore.  That last city-state is important; one of Singapore’s official languages is English, so that at least implies an English translated version of PSO2 would be prepared for the area.  Still, it does not appear areas such as Australia or New Zealand would be included in this release.

Asiasoft has not yet released a release date for the localized MMORPG.  Similarly, Sega has remained dead silent on a PSO2 release for North America and Europe ever since formally delaying it in March.  We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on both fronts, as it increasingly looks like the chance of playing PSO2 in proper English without a fan translation may only be through this venue.