F4F Contemplating Changes to Shadow Statue

F4F Contemplating Changes to Shadow Statue

by June 3, 2013

Your Input Wanted

Plenty of pre-orders have already been logged for the new Shadow the Hedgehog statue First 4 Figures will ship at the end of the year, but so have a fair amount of questions about its design.

Today, F4F issued a before and after image of what could be in store for a revised Shadow pending public debate and opinion.


According to the company’s statement on its forums:

Those of you who have been following us will know that we launched pre orders for our Shadow the Hedgehog statue last week. In the time between then and now, we’ve seen some interesting suggestions for some minor alterations that could be made to make the statue look even better.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. Anyone who saw Modern Sonic’s first ever incarnation will know that the sand he was running upon was much more yellow that what was seen in the final statue. After the fans got in touch about the colour though, we were able to alter the colour to something more pleasing to everyone.

This is what we’re asking this week. There are 2 cosmetic changes for Shadow the hedgehog being considered: the colour of his wrist and ankle rings, and the colour of the jets from his shoes.

Wrist and Ankle rings

Currently, the rings on Shadow are yellow in order to correspond to SEGA’s official character sheets, however it’s debated that these rings would look a lot better as gold (as seen in this Sonic cutscene)

Shoe Jets

With the jets, people are wondering if something whiter would be more fitting, so to closer match these images seen in Sonic Adventure 2


Whilst these changes would need to be approved by SEGA before they could be implemented, we will certainly raise the results of this poll with Sega if people are enthusiastic about them.

If you are enthusiastic, head to the forum post link cited above in order to have your say.