More Sonic Lost World Details Emerge

More Sonic Lost World Details Emerge

by June 7, 2013

Gameplay Features, New Levels, Cooperative Modes, and More

Since its initial announcement, the Sonic community has been itching for more from Sega about Sonic Lost World, and that time has come once again. Thanks to IGN, we now have a wealth of information about both the Wii U and the 3DS versions of the game.

Let’s talk Wii U first. IGN released a video of three full stages of the game with commentary by Sega’s own Aaron Webber to better introduce the game’s environments and mechanics. This video gives us our clearest, longest look at Windy Hill yet, and viewers can get a feel for how dynamic and intense Sonic Team hopes to make the game. Additionally, the video takes a look at some new areas, namely Zones 2 and 3 of Desert Ruins. These levels encompass a geometric honeycomb forest and a psychedelic candy land, respectively, and are certainly a far cry from the generic arid environment that their name suggests. Takashi Iizuka was quick to point out how the diversity in the level’s environments was a conscious decision:

Yes, we are aiming to get the players more excited and happy as they advance to each level – once clearing the previous level – by adding more variation to all the levels. This is not just about the variety and fun regarding the theme of a level, but also the shape and play style, which are unique in each.

Iizuka also discussed the game’s control schemes and multiplayer offerings. Wisp powers will be activated and controlled exclusively through the GamePad, as Iizuka explained by using the Cyan Laser power as an example. “In the ‘Cyan Laser’ color power,” he said, “which is in the E3 Demo, you control direction and launch timing with the GamePad. We are also implementing various color powers which will use the GamePad as well.” The game will incorporate a cooperative multiplayer mode called Support Mode, wherein a second player using a Wii Remote will control a “Radio Control Gadget” that allows them to destroy enemies and obstacles in Sonic’s way. There will also be a competitive mode that features gameplay split between the TV and the GamePad, although details on that mode are not as plentiful. Additionally, the Wii U Pro Controller will be a possible control option, but it not be available for use in single player. Finally, Sonic Team plans to extend Miiverse integration beyond game assistance and discussion by allowing players to exchange items with each other.

In terms of the 3DS release, Iizuka stressed that fully 3D gameplay will be integral to the experience. The game will be developed by Dimps and, according to Sega, will feature “totally new level design to match the screen size and hardware so players can enjoy both versions with a fresh feeling.” The game will support local and online multiplayer for up to four people, and it will incorporate item sharing features as well. It will also include some form of connectivity to the Wii U version of the game. IGN released three gameplay videos of the game, and you can click on these links to see them.

The article warns us that this encompasses all of Sonic Lost World‘s showing at E3, so the next few days may not bring much by way of additional information. However, there will be many people going hands-on with the game at the expo, and we will be sure to relay those first impressions as they come in.