Most Major Publishers Quiet on Xbox One Policies

Most Major Publishers Quiet on Xbox One Policies

by June 7, 2013

Sega Among Those Responding…Sort Of

The highly controversial policies surrounding used games on the Xbox One have generated dramatic and adverse reactions throughout the industry. Although we have no shortage of opinions from the community itself, we have not heard much from the game publishers themselves in terms of their stance on these policies. Earlier today, Giant Bomb ran a report in which they attempted to shed a little more light on how the biggest players in the industry view this situation. According to the report, most companies failed to respond to their request for comment; these companies include Activision, Warner Bros., Square Enix, Ubisoft, and Electronic Arts. They did, however, receive a few responses, and one of them came from none other than Sega.

Capcom: “No comments to share at this time.”

Namco Bandai: “Right now we’re focused on our title slate for consoles that are currently available to consumers. NAMCO BANDAI is looking forward to the launch of the new console generation and we will have more news to share regarding our next-gen plans later in the year.”

Konami: “Thanks for your inquiry, though we have nothing official to share at this time.”

Sega: “We are currently discussing within SEGA policies relating to the new generation of consoles. As soon as these have been agreed upon with all concerned partners we will make the information public.”

With the used game policies and always-on requirements still the subject of so much controversy and debate, it makes sense for companies to hold their cards close to the chest in this regard, but this lack of transparency may still strike some as a bit unnerving. Nevertheless, much of this opacity may dissipate during E3 as publishers reveal their next-generation offerings, and we’ll continue to monitor those developments closely.