E3 2013: Iizuka Says X-Treme Not an Influence on Lost World

E3 2013: Iizuka Says X-Treme Not an Influence on Lost World

by June 12, 2013

Team Also “Didn’t Want to Keep Playing in That Same Space” of Generations

An interview just published by Sonic Stadium with Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka at the Electronic Entertainment Expo may turn some heads, in particular those wanting more after the last major Sonic title, Sonic Generations.

First, the interview addressed, among other things, how much of an influence the one-time Saturn flagship turned cancelled Sonic X-Treme had on the upcoming Sonic Lost World.  Aaron Webber noted the connection outright in a playthrough yesterday, but even he may be mistaken this time.  According to Iizuka’s translated words in the interview:

No. Not at all. Actually, the developers of this game don’t know about Sonic X-Treme so it’s all new.

After speaking about a few other details–like the fact the directors for Colors are back in the lead for Lost World, and the fact a GamePad will be required for single player (sorry Pro Controller fans), the interview touches on the apparent sharp format deviation from titles of the recent past.  Iizuka says that’s deliberate:

…we were proud of our accomplishments on Unleashed, Colors and Generations. But we felt we explored that style of gameplay quite a bit and didn’t want too keep playing in that same space. The developers wanted to explore new styles of gameplay and part of the goal there was to make pure platform action a bigger part of the experience this time. Unleashed through Generations, we are proud of them but focus was pretty much on speed and platforming would happen from time to time, but the developers wanted to make it more of a traditional platformer. Not that we want to lose the speed. That’s why there’s still plenty of running and such.

You can read the interview in full at the above cited link.