E3 2013: Sonic Lost World Aaron Webber Interview

E3 2013: Sonic Lost World Aaron Webber Interview

by June 13, 2013

Plus Some Off-Screen Playtime

Sega’s Aaron Webber continues on the interview circuit on this last day of the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

In the video below, you’ll see a video interview from the website Necessary Gaming.  In it, Webber speaks about various aspects of Sonic Lost World, including how the Parkour system is meant to improve on the existing formula, improvements to the camera, and why the Wisps returned in this game.  Webber also talks about the Sega / Nintendo partnership:

So Sonic has historically always done really, really well on Nintendo platforms.  So, from a lot of different perspectives for Sega as a company, it was, like, “this makes the most sense.”  You know, you can go all the way back to, like, Sonic and the Secret Rings on the Wii, right?  You can also mention, like, Sonic and the Black KnightSonic Colors, which did phenomenal for Sega, and it was a Nintendo exclusive, so it was really easy for us to go “You know, we have this opportunity, let’s make this work”…

Have a look at the full Q&A below.  Even with E3 winding down, there is still more to come from the show.