First Look: Sonic #253 / Sonic Universe #56

First Look: Sonic #253 / Sonic Universe #56

by June 14, 2013

Patrol, Panic, and Plunder

If you’re getting tired of the Worlds Collide arc, we’re not too far off from returning to a normal cycle of Sonic comics, albeit with the effects from Worlds Collide having an impact.

Come late September, Sonic Universe #56 will chronicle the second part of the Pirate Plunder Panic arc with Amy, Cream, and others captured as the hunt for the Sol Emeralds continues.  Meanwhile, Sonic #253 looks to build toward another major event with part one of Countdown to Chaos, where talk of missing Freedom Fighters begins to creep up.  Might this be the arc where we learn about those secondary characters conveniently warped away many moons ago?

Take a look at the covers and variant covers to both issues, courtesy of, following the synopses.


The biggest, most shocking event in Sonic comic history is underway, and YOU can grab a front-row seat in Countdown to ChaosPart One! Sonic and Tails are on a journey to the Mystic Ruins jungle in search of their missing pals. What they encounter is sure to surprise you! Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman begins the long trek back to his deadly Death Egg II battle fortress. Will our heroes find him and stop him before he launches again? And just who, or what, is the “Sky Patrol” and what does it have to do with the missing Freedom Fighters? Don’t miss a moment of the chaos, featuring the first in a series of ALL-NEW inter-connecting covers by Sonic art superstar Ben Bates, and bone-chilling variant cover by T.REX!
Ahoy, ye mateys! Tharr be trouble on the high seas! Blaze—a pirate prisoner! Amy, Cream and Marine—lost! Bean—an oddball, be we knew that already! It’s a race against time as Cpt. Metal begins his plan for the Sol Emeralds and his new, completed Egg o’ War! And now that ye mention it — there’s something REALLY familiar about that battle station, but I just can’t put me hook on it! There’s mystery and mutiny a’foot in Pirate Plunder Panic Part Two! Featuring new cover art from Tracy Y’ARRRR-dley, and a special Sega variant cover!