Sakurai: Limited 3rd Party Characters in Next Smash Bros.

Sakurai: Limited 3rd Party Characters in Next Smash Bros.

by June 14, 2013

Are Sonic’s Chances of Returning Diminished?

When Sonic was revealed as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, it took much of the gaming world by surprise, and almost by default, it was a sign the console wars of the 80s and 90s would forever be left behind.  It’s assumed but not one hundred percent confirmed that Sonic will come back for the next installment of Nintendo’s flagship fighting series, but according to a new interview with series head Masahiro Sakurai published by Kotaku, don’t be so sure.

Sakurai indicates in the interview third party characters will be kept to a minimum this time around; this despite the major reveal of Mega Man for the game during E3 this year.

“I think I can say generally that there won’t be a trend of adding a lot of third-party characters,” Sakurai says.  “You can sort of think of Mega Man as being the special case.”

In the piece, Sakurai appears to point toward the limitations of the Nintendo 3DS, where the next Smash Bros. will also see a release with the same roster, as a key reason for keeping the character count down.

“The reality of the situation unfortunately is that there are certain limitations on the 3DS,” Sakurai said.

One of our earlier reports indicated not just Sonic, but Bayonetta could join the roster, but Sakurai’s words appear to cast some doubt.  Do you think either Sega IP will still make the cut in light of these remarks?  Speculate away in the comments.