E3 2013 News Summary

E3 2013 News Summary

by June 17, 2013

Miss a Story?  We Have You Covered

As is always the case during the week of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, news was coming fast and furious, and with about two dozen stories posted here in a span of just a few days, it’s possible you may have missed something in the melee.

So, here for your easy reference is an organized list of the E3 stories we covered last week.  If you missed a screenshot or want to learn more about a conference, hit the links below.  This isn’t quite the conclusion of our E3 coverage; we will have our final collective impressions of the show published here in a few days.

E3 Conference Wrap-Ups:

Sony | Microsoft | Nintendo Direct | Ubisoft | Electronic Arts

Sonic Lost World:

Media: Deadly Six Character Artwork | Direct Feed Wii U Video | 3DS Trailer | GameTrailers Playthrough | Aaron Webber Interview


Iizuka Says X-Treme Not an Influence on Lost World

Other Sega Games:

Media: M&S 2014 Olympics Screenshots | Castle of Illusion Screenshots | Castle of Illusion Trailer | Castle of Illusion Gameplay | Hastune Miku Project Diva F Trailer | Bayonetta 2 Screenshots

Other Sega and E3 News:

Nagoshi: “Developers Will Be Happy About” MS XBOX One Strategy

MS’s Mattrick Scoffs at XBOX One Always On Concerns

Community Composer’s Work on New Final Fantasy Game Revealed