UPDATE: “Sonic Unleashed” resurfaces on Xbox Games on Demand

UPDATE: “Sonic Unleashed” resurfaces on Xbox Games on Demand

by June 19, 2013

$10 to experience The World Adventure

Back in October 2009, Sonic Unleashed appeared on Microsoft’s Xbox Games On Demand listing for the Xbox 360. One year later, Sega enacted a policy to remove “poorly rated Sonic titles” from the marketplace in a bid to make the Sonic brand a little more appealing. What this means is that bad Sonic games went away in an effort to let better Sonic games shine more brightly. One of the first and most obvious benefits of this policy was the disappearance of 2006’s “Sonic the Hedgehog” from the Xbox Games On Demand service – but perhaps an unintended casualty of this service was the removal of Sonic Unleashed, a game that was absolutely savaged by the press when it was released.

Fortunately, for those of you out there hoping to experience the game that birthed a lot of the concepts seen in Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations, Sonic Unleashed has been re-listed on the Xbox Games on Demand storefront at the low low price of $9.99. Despite this flying in the face of Sega’s earlier efforts to hide bad Sonic games, Sonic 2006 still remains unlisted outside of a handful of purchasable DLC.

Why Sonic Unleashed has been re-added is anyone’s guess – Sega could be softening their policy on what is considered a “bad” Sonic game. The real curiosity in all of this is the Unleashed Project Mod for Sonic Generations, which refuted concerns about legality by citing Sega’s own disownership of the source game. Now that Sega is openly selling Sonic Unleashed again, the Unleashed Project Mod is caught in a weird position. How that all shakes out remains to be seen.

What do you guys think? Anyone out there planning on trying Sonic Unleashed out now that it’s available for purchase again?

UPDATE: Sonic Unleashed‘s $9.99 price point actually seems to be part of a larger overall Sega publisher sale going on right now on Xbox Live – a number of other games, including Sega Superstars Tennis, Sonic Generations and Condemned: Criminal Origins are also $9.99. Going by further reports, Sonic Unleashed will more than likely increase in price to $20 once this sale ends. Thanks to Paraxade for pointing this out to us!