New Iizuka Interview Reveals New Lost World Details

New Iizuka Interview Reveals New Lost World Details

by June 25, 2013

Multiplayer, Act Structure, and Desert Ruins Explained

On Monday, Nintendo World Report published a new interview with Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka with him explaining some of the finer details of the upcoming Nintendo console exclusive Sonic Lost World.

Among the highlights, Iizuka says the game’s more simplistic graphics helped the team reach a goal of running a Sonic game at 60 frames a second.  He also confirms no online multiplayer for Wii U but 4 player Wi-fi and Internet multiplayer capability for the 3DS version.  Says Iizuka:

On the Wii U, there’s booth cooperative and versus multiplayer. In cooperative play, Sonic will be using the Wii U GamePad and someone can be supporting Sonic in co-op with the Wii Remote. In versus mode, one player will be playing on the TV screen and the other player will be racing using the GamePad so you don’t have to have split screen. You both have your own screen and can race each other. The Wii U multiplayer is not on the Internet. It’s basically everyone sitting on the same couch. The 3DS for the first time we’re having 4-player versus racing over Wi-Fi and the Internet.

Elsewhere in the interview, Iizuka appears to infer each area will have a six act structure, not unlike Sonic Colors.  Iizuka made the remark while explaining the variety of each area in the frame of Desert Ruins, which so far on the Wii U appears filled with candy and honeycombs:

Another important point for the philosophy behind the level design and another important goal in development was to have a lot more variety both in the aesthetics and visuals of the stages and also in the gameplay of the stages. In previous games you would go to World 1 Stage 1, World 1 Stage 2, and the aesthetics would look similar, maybe a little bit different, but kind of similar and the gameplay you also could expect what you were going to get to a certain degree. This time they wanted to surprise players and create a lot more variety visually and in the gameplay sections, so [hence] the two stages in Desert Ruins.


The candy stage sticks out as a little more unusual, even more than the other stages actually, but it still comes from what we were saying. You’re in the Desert Ruins world now. Even though you might get tired of the desert after two stages you’re going to be in the desert for six stages now. Players might get tired of that. So that’s coming from the idea that we want to try something different. More variety, especially in the worlds that people might get more tired of.

At the end of the interview, Iizuka seems to drop a hint about the prospects of Sonic returning to the next Super Smash Brothers title.  History with this company has shown that a response of not being allowed to say something versus an outright no comment tends to mean something’s afoot:

NWR: One more question here. Sonic was very popular in Smash Bros. for Wii. Is there any possibility of him making a return appearance in the next Smash Bros.?

TI: All we can say is that we also think it would be awesome if he was in the next Smash Bros. So yea, but that’s more of a question for Nintendo than us.

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