Iizuka Admits Mario Galaxy Similarities in Sonic Lost World

Iizuka Admits Mario Galaxy Similarities in Sonic Lost World

by July 3, 2013

“We ended up…a bit close to Mario Galaxy”

In an interview published in full today in the latest UK Official Nintendo Magazine, and released partially yesterday on the magazine’s website, Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka conceded some of the stage design seen so far in Sonic Lost World draws inspiration from first-party Nintendo title Super Mario Galaxy.

In the remarks, Iizuka responded to a question about the similarities particularly in the frame of Windy Hill, going into detail about how the team wanted to evolve the core 3D Sonic gameplay:

With Lost World we wanted to evolve how Sonic works in 3D. When you think about a 3D level, it’s still limited – the sides are limited – so we talked about making levels as cubes or tubes. Expanding the sides around 360 degrees enables players to take many paths, not just two or three. We ended up with a tune stage and realized we were a bit close to Mario Galaxy!

It should be noted that the previous Nintendo Sonic exclusive, Sonic Colors, also drew cries of appearing too similar to Mario Galaxy at first.  In this case, later level reveals may help allay fears of a copycat.

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