Sonic 4 Saga Arrives on Ouya

Sonic 4 Saga Arrives on Ouya

by July 9, 2013

Both Episodes Available Now

The Sonic 4 saga has arrived on just about every modern device imaginable. From the Xbox 360 and Windows PCs to modern smartphones and even BlackBerry tablets, you can get your fix of the games nearly everywhere. Now, the saga has arrived on the Ouya, a tiny Android-powered gaming console. One of the console’s unique twists is that all of its available titles have trial versions that are free to play, so you can give both Episode I and Episode II a whirl on the Ouya without committing to a purchase.

The games come at a critical time in Ouya’s development as a platform, as one of the gaming community’s most common complaints about the system is the dearth of quality titles. The availability of games from major publishers will, to some degree, help determine the console’s success in the months to come, and Sega’s attempt to support Ouya with Sonic titles is a step in the right direction.

You can purchase both Episode I and Episode II from the Ouya’s store for $6.99 apiece. If you’re holding out for a more retro Sonic experience on the platform, Sega plans to release the critically-lauded 2011 port of Sonic CD as well, although there is no further information on when it will be available.