Penders: New Series Will Include “majority of characters I’ve created”

Penders: New Series Will Include “majority of characters I’ve created”

by July 11, 2013

The Fate of Two Specific Creations Revealed

If you’re still wondering what will become of a large delegate of secondary characters from the Archie Sonic comic universe that was under dispute in the recently settled copyright case between Archie and writer Ken Penders, the former lead Sonic writer wants you to know many may end up in his new project.

On Tuesday, fresh off the finalized settlement last week, Penders posted to his website’s message board specific details about his new series in development, now known as The Lara-Su Chronicles: New World Order.  Penders even released several pages from a working script, and cited specifically the fate of two characters from his era he now claims he has ownership of.

“First off, TL-SC:NWO will not only feature the majority of characters I’ve created during my run on the Sonic titles, but there will also be some important new additions to the line-up as well beyond the previously announced Commander Taelor,” Penders wrote.  “And to nip any speculation or needless questions, yes, Robo-Robotnik and Evil Sonic are my characters, and no, there are no plans (currently) to use them. With regards to those characters, I’m not trying to be cute or yank on anyone’s chain. The fact is when business is involved, anything’s possible. At this time and in the foreseeable future, all I will say is that whatever happens in Mamaroneck is a certain party’s business over which I have no control over.”

Penders says NWO will pick up after the Mobius: 25 Years Later’s conclusion arc as depicted in Sonic #144.

“Just because you think you know how things turn out doesn’t mean it happened the way you think it did,” Penders adds.  “For one thing, I won’t be dealing with the Sega characters, so the guys working on the Sonic titles have plenty of room to pull a few rabbits out of their hat to surprise the readers with.”

Regarding canon confusion, Penders believes he can continue his storytelling and not interfere with the current Sonic comic timeline.

“Let’s just say I’m not going to go out of my way to point out where I disagree with what other creators have done with regards to my characters at this point,” Penders explains.  “I’ve pretty much figured out a “live and let live” approach I think readers will approve of, and once they read TL-SC:NWO, I believe the general consensus will be that they’re getting a deeper, richer experience with these characters than they have before.”

A website opening for the project is expected by September.

While Archie and many of the company’s employees outside of Ian Flynn have remained largely silent in the wake of the settlement, and the settlement terms themselves have not been made public, Penders’s bold and direct remarks may be a big tell as to who got the better end of the deal.  Now, the question is whether Penders’s own effort itself will be a success.