Sonic Dash Hits 20 Million Downloads

Sonic Dash Hits 20 Million Downloads

by July 12, 2013

Plenty On Board the Endless Runner

To have 20 million distributed of anything is still a rare accomplishment in business.  So Sega has plenty to be proud with the news from Hardlight Studios CTO Chris Southall, as told by Joystiq, when he revealed to the media outlet that Sonic Dash has been downloaded a total of 20 million times.

According to Southall, its predecessor Sonic Jump has been grabbed on mobile devices just 8 million times.  Further, Dash‘s userbase jumps an average of 100,000 people a day, and a million people each day actively play the game.

“We’re doing updates through the year, we’re going to to keep doing that, and using the learning we’ve gained as a studio,” Southall said.  “And [we’re going to] start to actually advertise the game and push it more. So hopefully where we are now with Sonic Dash is kind of the beginning rather than the end.”

Southall suggested Hardlight is working on its next big project, and it’s not Sonic related.  He hinted an open beta may begin early next year.  Thanks to AugieD who tipped us on Twitter.