Sega Teases Shadow the Hedgehog for Sonic Dash

Sega Teases Shadow the Hedgehog for Sonic Dash

by July 16, 2013

The black and red hedgehog will dash into your iDevices

We’ve recently known that Sonic Dash is one big success for SEGA, having over 2 millions of downloads on iOS devices. Hardlight Studios and SEGA wants to keep pushing it, as they’ve just teased at their Twitter and Facebook accounts that Shadow the hedgehog will join the cast of characters present in Sonic Dash with a picture of shadow and the quote ” Get ready fot the ultimate challenge!”.

This is not exactly news, since Russian site Sonic Scene had found Shadow textures and models on one of the latest updates of the game, but it nice to know from the horse’s mouth that Shadow will join soon.

There is still no news of an Android version of Sonic Dash, but due to the recent teasing of more advertisement and push to the Sonic Dash and Sonic Jump games by Hardlight studios on their recent Jostiq interview, it’s just a matter of time we will see something about it.