More Lost World Screens Showcase New Stages

More Lost World Screens Showcase New Stages

by July 18, 2013

The Owl is always watching.

Along side the Casino level we saw earlier tonight, images from a handful of other new stages have also surfaced.

Sharp-eyed viewers will notice that some of these screenshots feature an owl creature in the background with spotlight eyes – if you look closer, despite bearing some resemblance to Windy Hill, this also appears to be a completely new stage, taking place in torch-lit stone ruins of some kind. This is along side a more overgrown jungle stage, with mud and cuboid alligators.

The question is: Are these actually new stages, or extensions of existing ones? Earlier demos have attached the name “Desert Ruins” to three completely different stage themes – pyramids, jungles, and candy wonderlands.

We’ll find out eventually, and we’ll also keep you posted, keeping in mind our Sensitive Materials Policy. Thanks for pointing this out to us, SonicLegends, and thanks Leo DZ for originally posting them on Facebook.