Sonic Lost World Dated, Available Digitally in Japan

Sonic Lost World Dated, Available Digitally in Japan

by July 18, 2013

A Near Simultaneous Worldwide Launch Cemented

The Japanese version of this week’s Sonic Lost World trailer was released for locals overnight.  It confirmed a release date for the region, but it may have also confirmed another way to play for everyone.

The end of the trailer affirms an October 24th Japanese release date on both Wii U and 3DS.  That is six days after the European launch, and two days after the North American release.  But the trailer also lists two price points for each version: One for a physical copy, and a discounted version for what appears to be a digital copy on each system’s respective eShop.  For example, the Wii U version shows a physical price point of ¥7,329, but a “DL” price of just ¥6,500–not chump change at all.

It’s not clear whether this option will be available in the West, but we are seeking answers. Our special correspondent from affiliate, Shayne Edwards, will be asking questions at the Sega Arcade and the San Diego Comic Con itself, and we will see what she finds out there.