Ken Penders reveals new direction for “The Lara-Su Chronicles”

Ken Penders reveals new direction for “The Lara-Su Chronicles”

by July 19, 2013

“A comic was never in the plans.”

After a long, messy legal battle, Ken Penders is finally moving forward with plans for “The Lara-Su Chronicles”, a story that details the further adventures of the Guardian’s daughter. Appearing at San Diego Comic Con this year, Ken revealed on his site some interesting news regarding the future of The Lara-Su Chronicles:

We’re already developing a film project and meeting with a number of interested parties. To that end, let me present the new Lara-Su:


We’ll be seeing more of her and other characters in the cast along with story pages over the next several weeks. The talk on the nets seems to center on, “Who’s going to buy Pender’s comic?” We’ll folks, a comic was never in the plans. So what are the plans? Digital downloads, graphic novels, possible film, TV, and/or Internet projects, character licensing, yes. But never a comic. Your comments and questions are welcome in the new “The Lara-Su Chronicles” forum. And look for the new Web site,, coming soon!

What do you guys think? Are you interested in seeing what’s in store for the future of Lara-Su?