Not Enough Rings Kickstarter Raises Over $17,000

Not Enough Rings Kickstarter Raises Over $17,000

by July 19, 2013

This Time, An Overabundance of Rings

With the end of the four week long Kickstarter effort to physically publish the community comic Not Enough Rings not over, there is exceptional news to report.

In all, the effort raised more than $17,700 and in the process, met another last minute stretch goal.  The finished hardcover product will now include blue edges on the pages.

“There is nothing left we can think of that would improve this book, and we’re so glad to be in that kind of position!” read an update on the KS page hours before pledges closed on the project.  “This is going to be an awesome thing and it’s all thanks to the unexpectedly huge support we got for this tiny little project.”

Once we have a timetable of when the books will be available for sale, we’ll pass it along to you.