UK Retailer ASDA Stops Selling WiiU

UK Retailer ASDA Stops Selling WiiU

by July 29, 2013

Impact on Lost World, M&S 2014 Could be Significant

ASDA, the UK’s second largest general retailer, has stopped sales of Nintendo’s Wii U consoles, games, and accessories effective immediately, according to a report from CVG today.

The website also notes ASDA did not stock the recently critically acclaimed Pikmin 3, a Wii U exclusive.  ASDA has 555 stores across the UK and recently slashed the price of the base Wii U system to just £150.

Not only is this latest move a big blow to Nintendo, it could also be a big blow to the Nintendo exclusives Sonic Lost World and Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.  It is unclear how long this suspension will last, but if long enough, it will be one less avenue for Sonic fans to pick up both games, hurting the hedgehog in a market where he sells the strongest.  Also consider this: ASDA is owned by Wal-Mart, a global retail chain with a total of nearly 9,000 locations.  It may or may not be fair to wonder if this policy eventually extends to the retail mothership; if it did, it may be the death blow to Nintendo’s new system, with a big problem on Sega’s hands for its flagship IP given its commitment to publish the next three Sonic games solely on Nintendo systems.

We will alert you to any developments on this front.