Iizuka: “We want Mario players” for Sonic Lost World

Iizuka: “We want Mario players” for Sonic Lost World

by July 30, 2013

An Appeal to the Platformer Aficionado

We’ve heard this song and dance before about getting back to Sonic’s roots many times before, though not quite like this.  In an interview with the UK’s official Nintendo Magazine, Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka talks about the balance of speed versus platforming in recent Sonic games.  In the context of Sonic Lost World, however, as relayed by Nintendo Everything, get ready for much more of the latter.

Iizuka explains:

Sonic started out as a platform title but, as we got to the more recent ones, it changed to be a more speed-based game. Recent fans will be familiar with that speed-based gaming, but with Lost World, we wanted to win back the platform fans. We don’t just want old Sonic fans to come back, though: we want Mario players and other platform gamers to enjoy the new game, too.

It’s another bone thrown to some Sonic purists, but nothing that hasn’t been heard before–and not necessarily followed through with, either.  Tell us your reaction to the above remarks in the comments below.  Thanks to AugieD who tipped us on Twitter.