PAX AU Preview Notes Lost World 3DS “Did not feel enjoyable”

PAX AU Preview Notes Lost World 3DS “Did not feel enjoyable”

by July 30, 2013

Small Misstep, or Big Hint for the Future?

Unless you live or went there, you may have blinked and missed the recent inaugural Penny Arcade Expo in Australia earlier this month.  There appears to have been at least some Sega representation there, as some previews of a build of Sonic Lost World demoed at the event have been made available.

But early indications on the 3DS side aren’t good.  AU Nintendo website Zooks previewed the game, and they appear to have not been impressed.  Many grievances are cited:

It’s hard to tell if this level didn’t just demo well, or whether this issue will be prevalent with the game at large, but the level I played just did not feel enjoyable.  It had very limited sections where Sonic can indulge in silky smooth speedy platforming, instead focusing on a series of puzzles and obstacles that prevented any sort of flow in the platforming experience. The obstacles to progressing in the demo generally consisted of manipulating enemies to press switches which opened the way forward, or areas where doors are blocked until a set number of enemies are taken care of. It may be inexperience (I only played a ten minute demo after all), but the act of overcoming these obstacles felt more frustrating than enjoyable. Any attempt to build up some speed and navigate the levels with a sense of flow was interrupted by springs that seem positioned specifically to frustrate, or obstacles that required tedious backtracking or plodding level navigation.

In the UK, the general fandom will have its first crack at trying out both versions of Lost World at Summer of Sonic this Saturday.