Sega CM Addresses Sonic Dash Android Challenges

Sega CM Addresses Sonic Dash Android Challenges

by July 30, 2013

“It takes time to test and work out all the issues”

Though Sonic Dash appears to be doing swimmingly on iOS–just today, the Global Challenge hit the crucial 75 percent done mark–a crucial mobile audience has been left in the dust.  Android phone users have been unable to play Dash, as Sega has not made the game available on the Google Play marketplace, nor has it indicated a release timetable.

Cries for clarification have been heard here and elsewhere, but where it counts most is whether Sega themselves listen.  They appear to be doing just that.  On a comment posted to a Sonic Dash update on the Sega blog, community manager Edward@Sega affirmed there are no official plans to bring Dash to Android yet, and described the challenges in such a port:

Right now we haven’t officially announced Sonic Dash for android — but please know that we a) know how much everyone wants to see it there b) want to make sure to bring everything we can to both iPhone and Android and c) will post info on this as soon as we have it.

In general: it takes longer to develop games for Android due to the large number & variety of Android devices. When developing a game for that platform, it takes time to test and work out all the issues.

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