Sega Confirms Localized PSO2 for SE Asia in 2014

Sega Confirms Localized PSO2 for SE Asia in 2014

by August 1, 2013

Still No Love for the West

Fans of Phantasy Star Online in the West that have been begging Sega for some solid information about the fate of Phantasy Star Online 2 in the West will have to keep drowning their sorrows in potion.  In a quarterly earnings presentation released Thursday, Sega Sammy Holdings confirmed what we reported in June–a local version of the MMO is in the works for several Southeast Asian countries and regions, with no mention of the US or Europe.

The rollout is planned for next year, and includes Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Chinese region of Macau, and six other countries in the region.

Sega appears content with the limitations.  Their data alleges more than 2.5 million downloads of the free-to-play PSO2 to date, including half a million on the Playstation Vita.  A concurrent player record of 107,000 was logged earlier in July.

If we hear anything more on the chances of PSO2 coming West, we will bring it to you here.