Iizuka: Wisp Powers “A standard in future Sonic games”

Iizuka: Wisp Powers “A standard in future Sonic games”

by August 6, 2013

Color Us Surprised

Could the Wisp powers become the new item boxes in Sonic’s world?  In an interview published by Sonic: Zone 0 and Sega Nerds from last Saturday’s Summer of Sonic, Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka addressed the inclusion of the powers into Sonic Lost World, even as Iizuka assured the game is not a direct sequel to Sonic Colors.

Said Mr. Iizuka in the Q&A:

We really like Color Powers as a team, and, moving forward, we intend to make the usage of Color Powers as a standard in future Sonic games as long as it makes matches the playability of the game.

Also in the interview, Mr. Iizuka notes the more minimalist nature of Lost World is to ensure a constant 60 FPS rate and, regarding Sonic’s friends and secondary characters, in his words, they “play a very important role in the universe [….] For them to really shine, we have to make sure that Sonic himself actually can take the center stage.”

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