Sonic, Sega in Tow at Gamescom

Sonic, Sega in Tow at Gamescom

by August 8, 2013

Back in Force–With Some Help

We are just a couple short weeks away from the world’s next major gaming convention of the year, and Europe’s largest: Gamescom.  In the photo above, you see a portion of Sega’s Gamescom effort from 2011.  But last year, Sega took an on-again, off-again approach to the event, ultimately leaving their booth space one step away from a ghost town.  But the company has again reserved a large space at the show this year, TSSZ has learned–and one way or the other, the next Sonic will be a part of the main event.

Sega themselves have not announced any lineup for Gamescom, but their reserved space is on the online Gamescom site map.  Unclear at this point is whether that booth will be run, in part, by the company’s new European distributors–or if Sega will even show up at all.

If they don’t, it’ll be Nintendo to the rescue, at least when it comes to Sonic Lost World. You may remember that Nintendo is publishing Lost World in most of mainland Europe, so the company will have the Wii U edition at its booth, according to  There is no indication on whether this could be a new or updated demo, and is no sight of a 3DS version confirmed.

Gamescom will be help in Cologne, Germany from August 21st through 25th.  Thanks to Numazaki90 for tipping us.  If you have news to share, be sure to share it with us.  Click Send Tips at the top of every page, or tip us on Twitter.