Three New Sonic Lost World Wii U Screenshots

Three New Sonic Lost World Wii U Screenshots

by August 8, 2013

One of Sonic’s New Moves Caught in the Act

Nearly overlooked by us was a small release of new screenshots this week for Sonic Lost World.  Even better–they’re not the usual repeats of Windy Hill and Desert Ruins.

Instead, the three screenshots in the gallery below, courtesy of VG247, show off two stages of Silent Forest, and one section of the casino stage in Frozen Factory.  You’ll note in one of the shots that Sonic appears to be moving from vine to vine by his hands, not unlike his move amid the hangars of Sonic and Knuckles’s Flying Battery Zone.  So, it appears we’re not done learning about the hedgehog’s capabilities in-game.

We will continue to bring you the latest on Sonic Lost World leading up to the game’s October release.