VIDEO: Sonic Lost World new trailer and cutscene from Sonic Boom’13

VIDEO: Sonic Lost World new trailer and cutscene from Sonic Boom’13

by August 11, 2013

Hear the English dialogue of the already known cutscene

Along with the Crush 40 concert, one of the biggest highlights of Sonic Boom 2013 was the exclusive reveal of more footage of Sonic Lost World.

First, those who attended the event, located this year in St.Louis, or watched it online thanks to the Livesteam Sega provided for fans all over the world, were able to be the first ones to watch the already known cutscene of Sonic Lost World where the Deadly Six rise against Eggman, this time with the official English dub and a little longer than the Japanese counterpart shown at the Nintendo Direct of a few days ago.

Of course, that was not the only thing shown there. They also presented a new trailer of the game, who included footage of the Frozen factory main level from Wii U version for the first time. Now we can see this mix between ice and industrial setting, as the name of the level points for the first time.

The 3DS version of the level was indeed playable at the event, too, and this is the only footage of it we’ve found at this time. Expect to see more of it soon, as the attendants of the event unleash their recordings in the wild. We will be looking for it, and present it to you as soon as possible.

But, meanwhile, you can see the cutscene, trailer, and shaky-cam footage of the 3DS version down below.