Playstation 4 Launch Date Revealed

Playstation 4 Launch Date Revealed

by August 20, 2013

Mid-November in US, Late November in EU

While Microsoft has delayed the XBOX One launch in several European countries to next year, Sony today announced a November launch window for the Playstation 4 at its just concluded Gamescom event.

Touting some one million pre-orders to date, PS4 will launch on November 15th in North America, and November 29th in Europe.  No launch date in Japan was disclosed at the event.

The launch window should be good news for Sonic Lost World and the Wii U in whole, as the game’s October launch window paired with a fairly solid stream of first party Wii U releases for October should give both the next Sonic and the system it is on time to breathe and develop an audience before the focus shifts to the next-generation systems.

Microsoft has still not given a firm release date for the XBOX One in any region, though that could happen as Gamescom continues this week in Germany.  We will bring you those developments once they are revealed.