Sonic Lost World “Deadly Six” Edition with NiGHTS Content Announced

Sonic Lost World “Deadly Six” Edition with NiGHTS Content Announced

by August 21, 2013

Don’t Forget NiGHTS in…Wait, What?!

This was certainly unexpected.  Out of Gamescom today is word that Sonic Lost World will see a Deadly Six Edition sold in some markets.

What makes the edition extra special is that bosses from NiGHTS Into Dreams… will be included.  It’s not entirely clear whether they are extra bosses or replacements–or if we’ll see proper NiGHTS environments for Sonic to speed through–but Gillwing, Puffy, and even Reala appear to show up alongside the game’s main foes.  You can see small bits of the inclusions in the new trailer below.

For the moment, Sega has only announced the edition for the UK pre-orders, but has not said which retailers are participating or how otherwise to receive the extra content.  It is also not clear whether this will be made available elsewhere, as a pre-order bonus, pure DLC, or otherwise–though it would certainly be a crime not to.  We also don’t know if there will be an equivalent bonus for Lost World on the 3DS.  When we get clarification on all these issues, we will pass them along to you.