UPDATE: Freedom Planet Greenlit by Steam

UPDATE: Freedom Planet Greenlit by Steam

by August 28, 2013

Offered Publishing Agreement

There is a major development to report in the Sonic inspired platformer Freedom Planet.  It’s already made community history when its Kickstarter topped $25,000 in funds raised earlier this year.  Now, a major distribution platform has officially offered its help.

The Steam Greenlight included Freedom Planet amid its list of 100 titles offered distribution via the platform today.  The project lead, Stephen DiDuro, still has to make it official with Steam, but judging from his official response on Twitter shortly after the announcement was made, that shouldn’t be a problem:

So far, 260 games have been offered Steam distribution under the Greenlight initiative, which seeks direct input from the Steam community to pick new titles for the vast PC library. For Freedom Planet, the approval has potential to open up even more doors for the indie title. Currently, the game is still in a demo phase at version 1.4, but we will be sure to bring you more major developments on Freedom Planet leading up to a still unknown final release. Thanks to AugieD who tipped us on Twitter.

UPDATE: A formal update has been issued by DiDuro since the Greenlight was given this morning:

Steam gave developers everywhere a pleasant surprise when they Greenlit a massive number of games at once, and guess what? Freedom Planet was one of them! We must extend a massive Thank You to everyone who helped push us into the Top 100! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Another bit of good news that is Multimedia Fusion 2, the software we’re using to create the game, has also been Greenlit, which means that they should be providing additional support for us to make sure that Achievements and other Steamy features work.