Inside the Pages: Sonic Super Special Magazine #8

Inside the Pages: Sonic Super Special Magazine #8

by August 29, 2013

This Release Is A Sticky Situation

Yesterday, Archie released a new Sonic Super Special magazine focused on collectible stickers.

Sure, there are back stories and updated news for readers as always, but this time around, Archie wants buyers to, in a sense, make their own adventure via the numerous character stickers and four environment scenes on which to stick.  Don’t like one of Ian’s scenes?  Now you can put up or shut up and make your own.  Sort of.

The preview pages for SSSM#8 are in the gallery below courtesy of Comic Vine, following Archie’s formal synopsis.


The SONIC SUPER SPECIAL MAGAZINE is back with a special issue that’ll really STICK around! Because you demanded it, this bonus issue of the first ever Sonic comic magazine in Archie history presents your favorite Sonic comic characters as awesome stickable stickers! Featuring pull-out scenes of your favorite sonic zones for you to make your very own sonic adventure come alive! Also featuring tons of comics, news, features, never-before-seen artwork and a brand-new enhanced cover by Sonic artist rising star Lamar Wells! Sonic super-fans can’t miss this unique installment packed with tons of bonus features you won’t find anywhere else!
Script & Art: Various

Enhanced Cover: Lamar Wells, Gary Martin and Matt Herms

106-page, full color comic

$9.99 US.

On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: 8/28