Fan Fridays: Nights

Fan Fridays: Nights

by August 30, 2013

Take Flight and Dream a Little

We’re ending Sega Month with a look at what is surely one of Sega’s most beloved franchises outside of Sonic: Nights. Despite only really having two full games to its name, the Nights franchise captivated players and critics alike when the original Nights into Dreams arrived on the Sega Saturn in 1996. Its unique acrobatic flying gameplay proved to be a radical departure from Sonic Team’s previous work on the Genesis, and despite it becoming a smash hit on the Saturn, it did not see a proper sequel until Nights: Journey of Dreams landed on the Wii in late 2007 to a much more mixed reception.

A lack of titles has not stopped the franchise from garnering a significant following, and its fans have produced some pretty awesome work. We’ve selected a handful of artwork based on the series from some very talented artists over at deviantART, each of whom has been credited on their piece’s individual page. Also included here is the trailer for Lucid Dreaming, an amazing 27-track remix album of music from Nights into Dreams published by OverClocked ReMix which you can download in full here.

With that, Sega Month comes to a close. We’ll resume our regularly scheduled Sonic features next week, so if you have a cool Sonic project you want the world to know about, send us a link at!