Sonic Lost World First Play Marathon Launches Equipment Fundraiser

Sonic Lost World First Play Marathon Launches Equipment Fundraiser

by September 4, 2013

Help Make the Effort Happen

We have an update to share about the planned 24 hour “First Play” marathon of Sonic Lost World planned for next month.  Organizers have now established a second fundraiser page, this time to purchase the equipment necessary to stream the marathon.

On Indiegogo, $750 Canadian dollars, or about $715 in US money, is being sought by the end of the month.

“The fact of the matter is that this is the first time either of us have done anything like this, and the above is what we want to do. The downside is that we’re lacking some of the equipment necessary to do a live stream, and we aren’t exactly flush with cash at the moment,” reads the fundraiser page.  “As a result, we are accepting pre-marathon donations to help us get the equipment we need. We would also like to note that with the equipment in place, we would definitely like to do more such marathons for charity in the future, but the fact remains: Right now, we need your help to make any of this possible at all.”

The money will go toward lighting, recording, and cables for the event.  It’s unclear what will happen to the marathon itself should the Indiegogo fundraiser not be successful.  At present, the effort has the backing of the Sick Kids Foundation, and Sonic comic writer Ian Flynn is planned as a guest for the 24 hour event.