Sega’s 2013 Tokyo Game Show Lineup Revealed

Sega’s 2013 Tokyo Game Show Lineup Revealed

by September 13, 2013

Lost World Takes Back Seat to Three Phantasy Star Titles

Sega of Japan continues its major push of the Phantasy Star franchise with three titles on display at the 2013 Tokyo Game Show next week.  The company on Thursday revealed its full lineup for the event, and three PS branded games–Phantasy Star Online 2, the ES version for mobile, and Phantasy Star Nova–are all featured titles.

Sonic Lost World will also be there, and joining it are an array of other titles, including the new Yakuza Ishin for Playstation 3 and 4, the just released Go Dance! for iOS, two Hatsune Miku titles, Hero Bank for Nintendo 3DS, and more.

You’ll note that of the dozen or so titles Sega has planned, only Lost World and Dance are confirmed Western releases.

To see more details about the lineup, including screenshots, hit this official link; it is in Japanese.  We’ll be sure to bring you any significant news and media from the big event next week.