Source: PSO2 “Fully Localized” But Unlikely for the West

Source: PSO2 “Fully Localized” But Unlikely for the West

by September 19, 2013

Concerns About Profitability Remain

A source citing a direct, recent encounter with a Sega employee in Japan has told TSSZ something you probably could have guessed by now: There is next to no chance Phantasy Star Online 2  is in the cards for the West.

Adding insult to injury, the source, who requested anonymity, explained the game is indeed “fully localized” in English and all is set for, in our source’s words, an “immediate western release.”  But that localization may instead be used for a smooth rollout of PSO2 across Asia, and in particular English speaking Asian regions.  We told you about that 2014 rollout last month.

The source concedes no exact reason is known for the decision, and can only speculate it has to do with concerns PSO2 will not be profitable in the West, given Sega’s current strategy.  The source also did not outright state to us that PSO2 is canceled for the West–only that the above explanations are clearly a factor.

That certainly would explain the sudden silence by Sega west employees on the matter ever since PSO2 was shown at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle last year.  The MMO has not been seen or heard from in North America or Europe since that demo, and constant attempts to reach out to Sega for comment have been met with a few sentences, if that.

While we don’t want to one hundred percent take this as confirmation of PSO2’s cancellation in the west, this is yet another piece of information on top a large laundry list of details that certainly do not paint a pretty picture for the fate of the MMO here.  We will continue to track developments and we are filing this under Rumorthough given everything else we know, this information appears solid.  If you have inside information on this or other matters and you’d like to share it or help guide us in the right direction, we urge you to send a news tip.