Fan Fridays: Grand Theft Auto Mods

Fan Fridays: Grand Theft Auto Mods

by September 20, 2013

It’s a Mad, Mad World

If you’re at all interested in gaming, then you’re no doubt aware that a little game called Grand Theft Auto V came out this week. After receiving universal critical acclaim and making around a bazillion dollars for developer/publisher Rockstar Games, it’s safe to say that the game has become something of a phenomenon. Since I (like so many others) have been completely immersed in it over the past few days, I thought it would be fitting to mark the occasion with some Sonic-themed mods of older games in the franchise.

There’s a ton of GTA mods out there, and even the Sonic-themed ones fall into a few categories. There’s the simpler skin mods, such as YouTube user connor388‘s good-looking attempt to replace CJ with Sonic in GTA: San Andreas and a more ambitious collaborative mod that adds Sonic, Sonia, and Manic into the game and is available for download here. Then there are those that take things a bit farther, like in indirivacua‘s mod of GTA IV. Although the model looks a bit strange, the character’s movement speed has been massively increased and objects go flying in front of Sonic in a fun simulation of Boost Mode.

All of the aforementioned mods can be seen in the videos below. As always, we’re on the lookout for fan work to spotlight, so if you have a project you want the world to know about, send us a link at!