Nintendo Dates M&S 2014 for November

Nintendo Dates M&S 2014 for November

by September 20, 2013

Simultaneous Retail, Digital Release Confirmed?

A couple community members, including some who have alerted us here, received an alert via the Nintendo Wii U eShop today about the release date for Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

According to the alert, the game is set for a November 8th release date.  That is a Friday, so while this message has appeared on North American system, it may only apply to the UK and Europe, but a release for North America should still fall around that date, perhaps on either November 5th or 12th.

What’s more, the description notes the game will be available both at retail and for digital download on the Wii U on the same launch day.  This continues to play into Nintendo’s strategy of both physical and digital availability of its hottest titles.  Again, this may only apply for one or more regions.

On paper, the date poses a problem of self-cannibalization for Sonic, with Sonic Lost World out less than a month before.  However, given the wild popularity of the Mario and Sonic Olympic series, it’s more likely M&S 2014 can sustain and perhaps increase Lost World’s sales through the Holiday season.

The bottom line: We have an early November launch date for M&S 2014, perhaps November 8th.  We will continue to bring you new details on the second Nintendo exclusive Sonic game leading up to that launch and beyond.