Sega Issues Sonic Boom 2013 Recap Video

Sega Issues Sonic Boom 2013 Recap Video

by September 20, 2013

Your Virtual Postcard from the Event

For those who missed out on this year’s Sonic Boom in Saint Louis, Missouri–and judging from our eyewitness accounts, that’s quite a lot of you–Sega today released a more than three minute long recap video from the event last month.

Among other things, you’ll see Sonic Team members chuckle at a young fan’s question, Aaron Webber try to hype up a crowd, and on the more bizarre end, a fan’s clean shaven leg tatted up with Sonic characters.  But sans a shot of the audience at the end, you’ll find there aren’t too many wide shots of the crowd at the event that would indicate how well attended Boom 2013 was.  We can’t imagine why.  Still, those who were at the show appeared to have a good time, and that’s the most important thing in the end.

See the festivities below.