PSO2 Tops 3 Million Registered IDs

PSO2 Tops 3 Million Registered IDs

by September 23, 2013

Delay and Decision on the West That Much Stranger

On Friday, Sega Sammy Holdings announced as part of an earnings adjustment that Sega MMO Phantasy Star Online 2 has surpassed three million registered IDs.

Furthermore, Sega Sammy reported that growth in PSO2, paired with growth in other mobile titles Puyopuyo Quest and Chain Chronicle, has contributed to “robust” earnings in the Consumer Business division.

It’s another major milestone for PSO2, even with its fate in the West still in limbo.  We exclusively reported last week the indication that Sega had next to no intention of bringing the game to the West, even as a properly translated version is now readily available.  Other sites have since cited a response from Sega of America community manager Kellie Parker, who vaguely repeated that PSO2 was simply delayed in the West–essentially the same response Sega reps have given for months–with no indication on when that status will change.  One has to think at least a small portion of that 3 million strong userbase are overseas users who have elected to tough it out on the Japanese servers, so there clearly is a Western audience for this game Sega continues to ignore.

We will let you know if anything changes.