Webber: Nintendo “Clearly Where Our Audience Is” for Sonic

Webber: Nintendo “Clearly Where Our Audience Is” for Sonic

by September 25, 2013

Past Sales a Telling Tale

If you’re a Sonic fan thinking about what next generation console to get come this Holiday season, the words of Sega’s Aaron Webber may give you pause to purchase–or a reason to speak up.

That’s because in a Sonic Lost World preview published by Polygon this week, the brand manager known to most as RubyEclipse explained with surprising candor why this title will only be a Nintendo exclusive.  Citing success of Sonic titles on Nintendo systems going back more than ten years, Webber says the three game partnership between Ninty and Sega makes sense–something Webber has stated before, but not quite while alienating fans of other systems in the process:

If we trace Sonic’s third-party roots all the way back to just after the Dreamcast, we released Sonic Adventure 2: Battle on the GameCube and it did phenomenally well.  We think that’s because there was a lot of overlap between the Sonic/Sega and Nintendo crowd at that time, and we just found historically that Sonic performs really, really well on Nintendo platforms. Sonic Colors did great, Sonic and the Black Knight did well and Sonic and Secret Rings did well — all Nintendo. When we look at the numbers, we thought — this is clearly where our audience is.

Remarks this clear and detailed certainly make one wonder what the future of Sonic is on other major platforms.  Games like Sonic Dash perform well on mobile, and catalogue Sonic releases continue, but there have been no Sonic related releases on XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 this year, and nothing that we know of planned for XBOX One or Playstation 4.  Given the ailing health of the Wii U, is keeping major Sonic titles Nintendo exclusive a good idea?  Share your thoughts in the comments.