New details about Sonic Lost World

New details about Sonic Lost World

by September 28, 2013

Bonus stages on both versions

Looks like there have been a recent info blackout lift in Spanish media about Sonic Lost World, because yesterday lots of Spanish sites uploaded their previews of the game, and revealed several very interesting bits of info, that have been collected by Sonic Paradise.

Spanish media sites have played a recent demo of the game, who has four levels from Windy Hill hub world, but they assure that there will be eight worlds at the final game, with four main level and several alternative missions that can be entered through the hexagonal map already shown in some videos. In that map, there will be some hexagons with a Chao on it, who will be the portal to those alternative missions, who go from collect a certain number of rings, finish the level without damaging any badnik,  and similar tasks to those of Sonic & the Secret Rings. Also, there will be portals to Bonus stages, who will be unlocked when an amount of Red Rings are collected, and whom will make us able to gain Chaos Emerald and transform into Super Sonic.

Also, previews talk about four different kinds of levels. First, the already known tube-looking levels, like Windy Hill Act 1. There will also be lineal, 2D levels, like Dessert Ruins, more similar to the classics stages, as previews says.  There will also be rounded stages, similar to the smaller planets in Mario Galaxy, or the rounded gravity gameplay in Mad Space in Sonic Adventure , and last, but not least, boss stages, who will be many, and where the deadly Six will bug us through the level until we reach them and attack them in boss battles.

They also talk about the new Homing attack. In this game, we can finish the homing attack in two different ways. First, we can use the regular, all well known homing attack on the enemies, as it has been seen in several videos and trailers. But there is another way of finishing a homing attack: with a small kick on the enemies. This is not only a cosmetic change to make it more varied and eye appealing, but it also add some gameplay deepness, since certain spiky enemies will require to be turned over with the kick, and then attacked with the regular homing attack.

About the difficulty, previews say that it’s on the same standard as the latest Sonic games, perhaps a bit more difficult since it’s a new way to play, but there will be a special button to help those who can’t finish the levels by themselves, similar to Nintendo’s Super-Guide. If you’re killed a few times in a level, you can push a button who will make you run automatically and invincible to the next checkpoint, making easier to finish hard spots for those who aren’t very skilled. This is, of course, completely alternative, and you are never forced to use it if you don’t want to.  If you decide to use it, you will not be able to get any of the red rings of the zone, so you will lose the possibility to collect them until the next time you enter the stage. About the Red Rings, this time, if you lose a life  you will also lose all the red rings you’ve collected in that stage, so it will be harder to gather all the red rings of the stage. They will be saved once you finish the level, of course.

They also told some smalls bits of info about the music. The BSO, composed by Tomoya Ohtani, fits well the game, but what they emphasize the most, was the special effects on the sound. If you go inside a cave or similar, the music and sound effect will sound like if you’re really inside the cave, with more echo.

Of course, they also talked about the multiplayer option. For the Wii U version, there will be two different multiplayer modes. One will be co-op, one player will use Tails gadgets to help Sonic, who is already known. The other one is a competitive mode, a multiplayer race against a friend in a similar way to Sonic Adventure 2 or Sonic 2 multiplayers, but without split screen, since one player will use the TV and the other one, the Gamepad screen.

3DS version, on the other side, will have online multiplayer, like Sonic Generations had. But this is not the only difference between the handheld and the console version.

Sonic Lost World for 3DS will have less open stages, but more centred about platforming and puzzles, and less about speed or flashy pre-scripted scenes, as Wii U version has. The levels will share the same name as the Wii U version stages has, but they will be completely different levels, like Sonic the Hedgehog for Game Gear/Master System was to Sonic the Hedgehog for the Genesis/Mega Drive.  They will be also more lineal, since you can’t choose the next level to go in a map, like in Wii U. All the levels will roll in automatically like in old-school Sonic games.

There will be also be differences in the Bonus stages present in 3DS’s version. The Wii U bonus stages wasn’t available at the build played by the previewers, but the 3DS version Bonus stages was. They were a movement controlled stages where Sonic has to collect orbs in space, using the console gyroscope to get them. The 3D effect will be automatically disabled in those stages, although in the regular game it wont be very strong anyway.

Last, but not least, Nintendo 3DS version will be able to connect to the Wii U version through Tails Laboratory mode, in which you can create the gadgets you use to help Sonic at the multiplayer co-op mode in Wii U, and of course, control them through your Nintendo 3DS.


There is less than a month ahead to finally play it by ourselves, until then, we will have to wait and content ourselves with the info the different previewers air on the game. The clock is tickling!