18 New Sonic Lost World Wii U Screenshots

18 New Sonic Lost World Wii U Screenshots

by October 7, 2013

Five Worlds, Plenty of Gimmicks

Early today, the Japanese Sonic Lost World website received a new update.  Included in the update was an array of media, including some additional screenshots from the Wii U version.

From the shots, it’s now clear that each stage will have a specific theme, environment or, if you prefer the term, gimmick to it.  The Lost World site in total released 20 shots, but we’ve vetted the media and bring to you in our gallery below what we believe to be new.  Only five of the known seven environments are showcased, with Sky Road and Lava Mountain missing.

As we march to the game’s launch later this month, be sure to check TSSZ often for the latest updates.