Lost World Charity Marathon Delayed

Lost World Charity Marathon Delayed

by October 9, 2013

“I could not secure an advance copy as I’d hoped”

It was almost inevitable with the delay of Sonic Lost World to the end of the month in North America, but earlier today, organizers for the Sonic Lost World First Play Charity Marathon made it official.  The weekend playthrough to benefit the Sick Kids Foundation has been moved to the first weekend in November.

“The game was delayed until October 29th, which was after the original marathon plan,” wrote organizer David Oxford on Ian Flynn’s Bumbleking forums.  “I could not secure an advance copy as I’d hoped, so we’re pushing the marathon back one week to November 2nd– again, the first Saturday immediately following the release.”

It’s interesting to note the lack of securing an early copy, especially considering that a member of Sega staff personally contributed to the campaign.  As we reported a couple weeks ago, Sega’s Aaron Webber gave not only his words of encouragement, but also a $100 donation.  Could Aaron have not pulled strings to benefit a good community initiative and a good cause?

Flynn is still scheduled to be a part of the marathon.