New Video: How Sonic Lost World’s RC Gadgets Work

New Video: How Sonic Lost World’s RC Gadgets Work

by October 10, 2013

Omochao Away

If you feel that the annoying mechanical son of Chao, Omochao, is best served as a punishment rather than a perk, you may be pleased to know Sega at least got that part right when it comes to Sonic Lost World on the 3DS.

Scener Smashpersona uploaded a five minute video of the recently released 3DS demo, and it shows that Omochao and the rest of the RC fleet will only show up after you die multiple times. We suspect this will be different for custom RC creations and 1.5 player mode, where the second player can act as constant help.  The gadgets will then help you gather rings and other power-ups, ensuring you’re in the best health possible as you traverse through the stage.

In addition to Omochao, Smashpersona has apparently also uncovered how the game’s other RC gadgets will work:

RC Omachao collects rings, item boxes, and 1 up’s for sonic until it wears off

RC Jet shoots missiles at all enemies infront of you until it wears off

RC Hovercraft let’s you well fly a bit above the ground at great speed until it wears off

RC Balloon let’s you fly over the stage until you let go of it

RC spacecraft makes you invisible and let’s you go through enemies like a ghost

See a visual demonstration of the RC mechanisms in the video below, and then tell us whether you’ve warmed up to Omochao’s new role in the comments.