Sonic Lost World storyline and screenshots leaked

Sonic Lost World storyline and screenshots leaked

by October 11, 2013

All aboard the Spoilers train!

Sonic Lost World leaks keep coming up, and now it’s the Nintendo 3DS version time to be torn apart. There are big spoilers ahead, so if you don’t want to spoil yourself, be warned.

Yesterday, some Spanish user of 4Chan’s /v/ claimed to have a review copy of Sonic Lost World 3DS, and revealed a lot of details about the game, including the storyline and final boss battle.

About the storyline, this person claims that Eggman enslaves the deadly six with the sound of a horn shell, like its seen on one of the already shown cutscenes. Then he has to join forces with Sonic to stop them through the 8 zones of the game, ending in the defeat of the Zeti and betrayal of Eggman, who attacks Sonic and fights him riding one of his giant robots.

As the leaker says, there is no Lava Mountain zone in the handheld version of the game. On its place we have a boss rush of all the past boss battles of the game, who finishes with said giant robot fight. It also puts to note that the deadly six battles are too short, they make almost no presence of the game. For instance, points at Zeena, and said her only appearance is in the Frozen Factory boss battle, where she is wearing a snowman costume and throws snowballs to defeat us.

He also points the game length is of about 7 hours, and that the special stages make use of the console gyroscope to make us turn around space and grab blue spheres.

Along with his commentaries, he also leaked a few screenshots, who include the last boss battle.