Famitsu: 36/40 & 34/40 for Sonic Lost World

Famitsu: 36/40 & 34/40 for Sonic Lost World

by October 16, 2013

The First Major Media Review is Positive

You can now clear away questions as to whether that Ranting Robots review is actually a legitimate barometer–or a legitimate review, period.  World renowned video game publication Famitsu has offered their opinion on Sonic Lost World, making it the first major media outlet to score the next Sonic.

The Wii U version scored 9s across all four reviewers for a total of 36 out of 40, the equivalent of a 9/10.  The 3DS version fared only slightly worse, with a split of 8s and 9s totaling a 34 out of 40, the equivalent of an 8.5 score.  Lost World on Wii U was the week’s highest score given by the publication.  However, it did not get a coveted perfect 10 by any of the four reviewers.  The last Sonic title to do that was Sonic Colors three years ago.

That’s a very good start for Lost World–even better than Sonic Generations, which had scored a 35/40 on XBOX 360 and PS3.  We will soon see if other gaming media rate the game around this mark as the floodgates start opening in Europe on Friday.