Sonic Lost World Media Reviews All Over the Place

Sonic Lost World Media Reviews All Over the Place

by October 18, 2013

The Most Polarizing Sonic Game in Years?

This morning, the review embargo expired for Sonic Lost World.  What followed was easily the widest range of opinions and review scores we’ve seen for a Sonic game in quite some time.

The game’s current Metacritic store on Wii U stands at 61On 3DS, the average is 58.  The latter is the worst average given to a Sonic game since 2009’s Sonic and the Black Knight, though the former ties the Metacritic score of Sonic 4: Episode II on XBOX 360.

But it’s the range of scores that is getting so much attention.  There are highs, like the 9 out of 10 given by NintendoWorldReport or the 8s from GamesRadar and the Official Nintendo Magazine.  Then, there are the 4s and lower, including those given by Polygon, Edge, and a paltry 1 out of 5 given by Game Revolution.  The other scores of note were a 5.8 from IGN for the Wii U version, and a 7.5 given by Destructoid’s Jim Sterling, who you may remember trashed Sonic Colors on Wii.

There should be more media reviews to come as we approach the North American release; that could either lift Lost World up to something more respectable, or cement it into mediocrity–at least in the minds of those paid to play games.  We should note TSSZ’s Ryan Bloom will be reviewing both versions of Lost World in a couple of weeks.